Ooh, that feels nice.


The inner ball of a keyboard mouse came out and unexpectedly rolled under the wrist of founder Jason Perkins.


Wanting to replicate that feeling, he went to his shop and drilled a half-hole in a block of wood to see if he could keep the ball in a fixed spot, but still would be able have it roll freely. Although initially the friction was too great, he continued his experimentation.

With the encouragement of a massage-therapist (his wife) he made upgrades and improvements until it was perfect.  


Excited with the result, and knowing the potential it had to help many people, he began Ergoroller.


He didn’t know just how quickly the Ergoroller would forever change his own life.


After an accident in his wood shop left his four fingers attached only by the skin, there was unfortunately considerable delay before doctors were able to perform the surgery to sew his fingers back on. 


No one could predict the outcome.


Concerned he would never be able to play his beloved guitar, he used his own newly invented product - an Ergoroller, In coordination with his physical therapy, but without telling the doctor, he used the Ergoroller gently to promote blood flow and to aid in the healing process.


At his first checkup his doctor was shocked!

"Either you are superhuman or I am a [mild expletive] good surgeon."

 A week later he took the Ergoroller to his next check up to show the doctor: 


"Where did you get that?" 


The doctor felt that this device contributed to the break up of scar tissue to accelerate the healing in his hand. It also could increase blood circulation to the affected area. The Ergoroller has the potential to millions of dollars in faster healing in post-carpal tunnel surgery. 


“This would be super sweet if this was in the pharmacy for people to get a prescription for.”


The Ergoroller is now used as an effective tool in physical therapy clinics (see the REVIEWS page). 


Countless others use it for relief in hundreds of ways.


The Ergoroller changed Jason Perkin’s life.  


How will it change your life?