A review from a Hand Therapy Specialist:

Wrist pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness are common symptoms associated with Repetitive Strain Injuries. Do you spend hours a day at the computer for work related tasks or gaming and have one or more of these symptoms? You could be suffering from a Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI which includes carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and pinched nerves.  You may have already attempted to relieve these symptoms by buying an ergonomic keyboard or using a gel cushion for your wrist.

Many of the patients that I treat as a Physical Therapist have these same problems and are unable to be as productive at work as they would like due to wrist and hand pain. One of the most common causes of RSI is incorrect posture when using a keyboard or mouse. The ideal position for your wrist and fingers to be in while typing should be “neutral” which means neither flexed or extended. The wrists should hover above the keyboard and the fingers should be able to track downward onto the keys.

Many wrist supports force the wrist to be in front of the keyboard while typing. If you look at the position of the fingers and wrist with these supports, they are extended. The person typing is required to lift each finger quite a bit higher and with repetitive typing can develop strain in the wrist and forearm with overuse.

By the time a RSI has occurred, damage has already occurred to your wrists. It can take months, even years to develop and end up taking twice as long to heal. Even if you feel no pain or other symptoms of RSI, prevention is crucial.

The Ergoroller wrist support is a unique type of equipment that can prevent and even decrease symptoms associated with RSI. The Ergoroller can be adjusted to fit various angles to support the wrists with various types of keyboards and positions of the mouse. The seamless movement needed to go between a mouse and keyboard is simple with the stainless roller balls. The Ergoroller can also provide self-massage to sore wrists, hands, and elbows as you are working at your desk which can help increase circulation to the hand.  In my experience working as a physical therapist, all the medical intervention in the world will not permanently get rid of symptoms until the positions of the wrist and fingers are changed and Ergoroller is a great investment to prevent and decrease symptoms of RSI.


Dr. Mckinzy Bath, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist


"ergoroller will be able to deliver some sort of soothing and healing effect on your wrist, and the cold-temperature balls (if you are in the air-con room) can cool down your overworked wrist’s nerves a bit and reduce RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) effects."

 - Ken Xu Hardware Sphere


"Over the years, we’ve profiled a lot of ergonomic computer mice here on Gizmag.

They’ve all taken the approach of redesigning the mouse itself to alleviate

computer-related repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s).

The ergoroller, however,

looks to a redesign of the wrist support to achieve the same ends.

Like a conventional wrist support, it provides a place to rest your mousing arm,

so you’re not constantly straining to hold it in position.

Unlike one, however, it contains two rows of steel bearings, that massage

your tendons and ligaments as you move your hand."

 - Ben Coxworth Gizmag